Fox Creek Volunteers

Welcome Fox Creek Volunteers!

At Fox Creek, you'll often hear our parent volunteers say, "It's all for the kids," and that's where we're coming from. Getting involved in our school, we are supporting our kids and giving them every opportunity to succeed in their elementary experiences. We just cannot do it without the support and dedication of our Fox Creek families! We all have fun, we get to know others, and we create a close-knit community that is known as Fox Creek Elementary.

If you are interested in volunteering in your child's classroom, please contact your child's teacher directly. Each teacher utilizes parent volunteers uniquely, so you will always find that "just right" experience in the class through your child's teacher.

The PTO has so many additional ways to get involved at Fox Creek, from event chairs to program support and meetings, there is something for everyone through our fun group! Please complete the online Volunteer Interest Form, and together we will find the perfect volunteer match for your interests and schedule. Fox Creek loves our parent volunteers!

Volunteering Reminders

*Please be sure to sign in and out each time you volunteer in the building. The 'sign in' page is located in the window to the front office directly as you walk in the building.