Welcome to Fox Creek Elementary!

From the moment you walk in the front door of Fox Creek you can feel this is a special place. We are a community of learning and discovery that inspires kids and adults alike. The staff of FCE focuses on the education of the whole child, so academic instruction has equal footing with character development and community contribution. As an EL Education School our children learn through deeply meaningful and authentic learning expeditions. Student engagement and ownership of their learning is extremely high because of the learning expedition approach. Students work both in teams and on their own engaging in long-term projects that incorporate science, social studies, reading, writing, and mathematics. Our students present their learning multiple times a year to various audiences that raises the significance, or importance, of what they do. Fox Creek kids are active in their learning and we emphasize learning by doing, discovering, and thinking deeply. At Fox Creek we develop a culture of CREW. This means that every child has a part of helping us get to our destination. Everyone matters, and we need each other to succeed. You can see this culture in our classrooms, hallways and playground. It’s present in both our students and staff alike. Our parents are a part of the CREW, and are very active and involved in continuing the vision and legacy of Fox Creek.

Take a Closer Look

Check out this video that will give you an inside look into this unique school.

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